Meet the Woman With the Longest Fingernails in the World!

Ayanna Williams from Houston, Texas is the 2018 Guinness World Record holder for the longest female fingernails in the world. 

IF you couldn't tell! 

Believe it or not....all her nails combined measure a total length of 18 feet, 10.9 inches. 

To prevent nail damage, Ayanna avoids household chores like doing the dishes (must be nice!)

Oh and it takes her a week to paint her nails! 

Seriously!? Who has time for this BS! 

So many questions: 

How does she eat? 

How does she take a picture? 

How does she sleep?

How does she get dress? Put on shoes?

How does she shower?

How does she wipe???????

Soooo many questions! 

Mack & Letty B


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