Teacher Is Arrested for Asking A Question at a School Board Meeting


So here's the story.....

This video has gone viral (with every right) because this teacher at a school board meeting in Louisiana decided to ask a question. 

Which excuse me if we're wrong, but isn't that the point of board meetings?? 

The question was: 'Why is the superintendent getting a raise, but the teachers and employees aren't?'

Simple enough right!? 

Well, it ended up with her getting arrested! 


At the end of the day, this woman is speaking the truth & is very brave for doing so. 

It's time the abuse of power STOPS!

Take a look below & let us know your thoughts. 

The officer asks her to leave at 7:21 . . . arrests her at 8:45 . . . and puts her in a squad car at 12:19.  


After seeing this all we want to do is scream at this school board! 

This woman stood up for herself and her co-workers and in return she was arrested. 

This is why so many are scared to stand up for anything they believe in and this needs to stop TODAY!  

Mack & Letty B


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