Woman Disgusted After Finding Dirty G-string In New Jeans!

Christine Evans from New York ordered a pair of 'Not Your Daughters Jeans' from Nordstrom & found a used G-string in the pocket! 

Can you imagine!? What would you do???

Christine posted on Twitter: 

“After, many years of loyalty to your company, I was appalled at the lack of customer service you gave me when I received a pair of Not Your Daughters Jeans with a DIRTY and WORN women’s THONG in the front pocket.” 

She said she was offered a replacement pair, but wrote that wasn’t enough.

“I would imagine that a company such as this one could do more for a loyal, card-holding customer. As a nurse, the numerous amount of health hazards this issue presents is astounding."

Nordstrom did apologize and said they were hoping to get to the “root of the problem”.


The only person laughing is probably the girl who put that G-string there, after a one night stand and forgot! 

Mack & Letty B


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