Tom Brady Abruptly Ends Interview After Radio Host Slams Daughter!

Tom Brady has been doing a weekly segment on 'Kirk & Callahan' in Boston for years now. 

It's not looking like he'll be doing that anymore tho after one of the hosts called his daughter 

an "annoying little pissant." 

WEEI suspended the radio host, Alex ... but Brady's is still upset (and rightly so).

Take a listen to the interview below.


The clip below is when the host who was discussing Tom's new Facebook show, "Tom vs. Time" which is  a docuseries following Tom and his family around. Discussing episode 1, this is what he said about Tom's daughter: 


This is Alex, who again has been suspended and was sent home from Minnesota, where the Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday for the Super Bowl.


'Tom vs Time' episode 1: 

This is the episode host, Alex was speaking of. And honestly, all we saw was a little girl calling out for her daddy excited to tell him that she was going to play soccer. 


Episode 2: 

Mack & Letty B


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