Sisters Reveal 7 Minute Workout That Hits EVERY Muscle!

Alright ladies, ever since I had my second kiddo I been trying to hit the gym. 

Let's be real tho, I have no time and less energy these days. 

I was searching online for something quick and easy, that I can actually enjoy and could do in the am before the girls wake up and found this workout. 

The sisters say if you do this 3 times a week you will see results and the best part is that's it's only 7 minutes. 

I'll let you guys know how it goes. Gotta lose 20 pounds to be back at my 'before' kids weight. LOL 

-Nina :) 


The 5 exercises are: 

1. Squats 

2. Walk out planks 

3. Push-ups

4. Bicycle kicks 

5. Jumping Jacks 

You do every exercise for 30 seconds and then repeat one more time. 

For a total of 7 minutes= HEAVEN (AND TOTALLY DOABLE)

Thank you ladies! 

You can watch them do all the exercises in the above video. 

Now get off the computer and take 7 minutes to workout girls! 

We got this! 💪🏼

Mack & Letty B


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