Mom Slammed For Having Zombie-Themed 1st Birthday Photoshoot For Her Son!

This mother was slammed for throwing a zombie-themed birthday cake smash for her sons 1st birthday. 

BEFORE you judge her for it, listen to the back story. 

Amy Louise gave birth on Halloween to baby Phoenix who had no heartbeat for 13 minutes. 

Amy was convinced her son was gone, but he was brought back to life and they call him their 'miracle zombie baby'.

'Celebrating his first birthday, the mother said she thought the zombie-themed cake smash for Phoenix was well suited following the ordeal. What better than a zombie-themed cake smash for the tiny baby boy who was pronounced dead and then miraculously came to life on Halloween,' Amy said.

Of course, moms started judging. Amy said she was removed from a couple of Facebook groups after her 'obscene and offensive' images were not liked by other moms. 

'I knew it would happen but the extent of it really shocked me,' she said.

'I got told I was a bad mother, that I was going to damage his mental health, that I would make him sick eating that cake off the dirt.

'I got called disgusting, morbid and offensive to mothers who had lost their babies. I was accused of making fun or making light of tragedy and being an insensitive person.

'I was told I shouldn't joke about such horrible things and one woman even said: 'I wish you had have lost your son because then maybe you would have known how this feels.

'I was then removed from two mothers groups for posting these "inappropriate and gruesome" pictures. It shocked me how savage they were after what we had been through.'


The photographs were taken by photographer, Amanda Queen.

You can visit her website or Facebook.

Mack & Letty B


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