Woman Performs C-Section On Dead Monkey To Save Her Baby!

Imagine seeing a monkey being hit by car and killed and then you notice she was pregnant. 

What would you do???

Well, this one kind stranger saw exactly that and performed an emergency c-section to save the baby. She was untrained and used a scalpel. 

The baby was born lifeless and she brought it back by not giving up, giving the baby a heart-massage and even mouth to mouth. 

Warning: graphic content 

BUT when you see those eyes open it'll all be worth it! 

Fast forward to the happy moment at around 2:15


'At that moment, I thought to myself the baby monkey would be dying inside its dead mother if I didn't do anything to help save it,' she told Bangkok Post.  

The monkey is still in the care of the rescuer. She feeds her via a syringe and at night they even sleep together, 

She added that she plans on raising it until it is strong enough to be released into the troop.

Hero's name is: Padtama Kedkuerviriyanon

Mack & Letty B


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