10 Year Old Pounds a Tree With Her Fists!

First of all, Happy International woman's day! 

Now, check out 10 year old, Evnika Saadvakass who has been training since she was three to become a professional boxing trainer.  Her father coaches her and her 7 siblings.

At aged eight she could throw 100 punches in 1 minute with one hand.

 Get it girl! 


'Evnika is like a little asterisk that can fill people's hearts with joy and love. She has that spark, the energy we've seen in such personalities as Michael Jackson, Muhamed Ali, Diego Maradona, Mike Tyson, and many others who were able to make our hearts beat even harder.

'I hope and pray to God that this ability in Evnika has not died out, as she grows up.'

-Daddy's words :) 

Mack & Letty B


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