Prince Harrry Raises His Eyebrows To Meghan After Liam Payne's Performance

Liam Payne performed a rendition of a John Mayer "Waiting on the world to change" during the Commonwealth Day service, but it looks likes Harry and Meghan didn't care much for it. 

Hey, maybe they are HUGE John Mayer fans & just can't stand anyone else covering that song. 

Either way, things were going well until Liam decided to fist pump his band buddies at the end of his performance. 

That's when Harry raised his eyebrows, looked at Meghan and she lost it giggling. 

If you wanna hear the whole performance have fun, if not fast forward to 2:45 

So what do you think happened!?  

For all we know, this is their song and that look was a signal for let's go get it on in a closet! 



Below is John Mayer singing his song so you can compare ;) 

Mack & Letty B


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