Theory About Lea Michele Being Illiterate Has Left People Frenzied!

Alright, let's see if you guys can keep up with this one. 

Remember Lea Michele? Pretty much from 'Glee' & 'Scream Queens'.

Wellllll the latest theory on Twitter is that she's illiterate. 

Yup! You READ that right (good for you)! Two fans are saying she can't read or write. 

An actress, can't read or write! 🤔


It all started when two fans, Jaye Hunt & Robert Ackerman posted a video on Facebook from their podcast, One More Thing.

The video is below, IF you have 40 minutes to waste. LOL 

The theory starts at around 4 minutes and 30 seconds, so skip ahead if you are going for it. 


The theory basically came together after they noticed these couple of things: 

1. A couple of stories from the book 'Sorry Not Sorry' an autobiography written by Naya Rivera, Lea's costar.

2. The fact that Lea began her career extremely young and obviously she didn't know how to read or write so she had to learn her lines by hearing and memorizing them.

3. And allegedly she never read music on Glee. Lea has the gift of being able to hear a song and then record it.


Well...what do you think!? Sounds a little nuts right??? 

Not to these people who clearly believed every word! 😮 


As you can imagine, Lea shut down these rumors as soon as she heard about them. 

And Darren Criss and even. Ryan Murphy (sort of) came to her defense as well. 


And there ya have it folks......Gotta love the internet! 

Mack & Letty B


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