Florida's Public Beaches Won’t Be Public Anymore!!!

Before we start, we thought this was definitely and April Fool's Joke, BUT nope it is real! 

Are we trying to kill tourism all together??? WTF! 

So it looks like Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill giving private property owners with beachfront properties the option to allow the public to use it or not. 

Okkkkkkkkkk! This includes hotels and condominiums, by the way. 

So starting July 1st, you'll have to stare at the the sand and figure out if it's, wet or is it dry?

If the sand is wet, you can enjoy the beach. 

Is that a joke??? It's freaking sand!!!! Isn't sand technically ALL wet where it meets the water!? 

We are extremely confused and this is BS! 

Way to go Florida!  Dumbest thing we're ever read! 


Update: we found this news clip that will hopefully explain it a little better.

Mack & Letty B


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