Mom 'On Drugs' Attempts To Drive With Daughters In The Car!

This is extremely sad & upsetting in so many levels. 

These poor girls who had to witness their mom like this, god knows how many times. We are so sorry!

And the strength that it took for this little girl to know that this is was NOT ok and to film and publish this video. We can't even imagine and we hope you are in a safe/loving place right now. 

In the video you can clearly see the mother is under the strong influence of some drug. 

She keeps drifting off in and out of sleep, has no idea where she is at times and you can't make out a thing she is saying.  

Why would a mother EVER put her kids through this is beyond us. 

We can only hope that after seeing this, she has decided to get help to be there for her girls. 

Mack & Letty B


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