You Can Too Do A Split In 10 Minutes!

Melissa Eckland from LA is a wellness blogger, yoga teacher & model. 

And she's here to tell you that anyone can do any stretch, IF you warm up your limbs up properly.

Soooo let's try this & see wha happens. 

Definitely trying this when I get home tonight. -Nina 

And we suggest you follow her page, so much good stuff 😉

Here it is: Melisfit


This is the stretch you should do to be able to do a split, it only takes 10 minutes: 

Let us know how it goes! 🧘🏽‍♀️

1. Seated stretch with one leg x 45 seconds each side

2. Downward dog x 1 minute

3. Low lunge x 30 seconds 

4. Half splits x 1-2 minutes 

5. Low lunge with back foot grab x 45 seconds

6. Repeat 3-4 times on both sides

7. Downward dog x 1 minute

8. Seated forward fold x 1 minute

9. Split, split, split! Woohoooo 

Mack & Letty B


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