Miami Instagram Model Blinded After Surgery To Change Her Eye Color!

An Instragram model from Miami was left with the vision of a 90 year old after having surgery to change her eye color from hazel to light gray. 

Her name is Nadinne Bruna and she is 32 years old, but will forever have damaged eyes after losing 80% of her vision due to a surgery she had that was not FDA approved. 

She lives in Miami, but decided to fly to Colombia to have the surgery done. She paid $3,000 to have silicone implants inserted into her eyes. 


These were her eyes before the surgery (just beautiful) NO clue why she wanted to change them! 


She returned to Colombia twice to attempt to repair the damage, but was forced to seek medical attention at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami to remove the implants. 

Although her eyes do look better, Nadinne will never be able to see the same again. Her damage is permanent. 

Nadinne said: ‘Before this surgery my eyes were completely healthy. I was so naïve. Ever since this surgery I have had blurry vision. For about a year my eyes were constantly red and itchy. My pupils, they can’t adjust to light anymore so I’m very photosensitive now too. This surgery completely f***ed up my life.'


And she has a twin sister, who thankfully did not follow in her footsteps and was by her side through her recovery. 



Mack & Letty B


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