Father Throws His 6 Month Old Off His ROOF In Stand-Off With Police!

This man climbed onto the roof with his 6 month old baby girl in an attempt to stop the demolition of the shack where he lived. 

They were being torn down because they were built illegal on unowned land & the father decided to sacrifice his own daughter! 

Fortunately, the girl was caught by the policemen standing below and is unharmed. 

The father was quickly arrested and charged with attempted murder.


The Motherwell Cluster Commander Major General Dawie Rabie praised the police actions:

'It is shocking that a father would attempt to sacrifice his own child for the sake of delaying the demolishing of an illegal shack structure but thankfully the girl was saved.

'The father will face the full force of the Law for his actions' he said.

The demolition team were able to move forward after this and successfully destroyed 90 structures that had been built illegally on unowned land.

Mack & Letty B


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