Family's Old, Deaf Dog Stayed with Their Missing 3 Year Old for 16 Hours!

A 3 year old from Australia was hanging at her grandparents house when she went missing. 

They learned that she actually went out looking for her mom & took the family's dog Max with her, but didn't tell her grandparents and they didn't notice.

The poor girl couldn't find her way back since it got dark & started raining pretty quick. 

This prompted a massive search and rescue mission with two helicopters. 

The following morning, the grandmother found her 2 miles away from the home after being gone for 16 hours! 

Can you imagine!? The poor scary! 

She's was a brave little girl tho, never cried and told her family that she just got tired and curled up with Max and took a nap!


Max, the dog is deaf and partially blind. He is 17 years old and never left her side. 

Bless you Max! 🐶

Mack & Letty B


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