The New 30 Minute Sephora Facial Is Something We ALL Need To Try!

I've never had a facial and now I definitely want to try this! -Nina 

So it looks like Sephora stores have begun rolling out their in-store facial treatments. 

So far, 100 stores in the US are providing this treatment. So far in Florida, you can get the Perk Hydrating Facial for free with a $75 purchase at Dadeland, Aventura, Pembroke Gardens, & Boca Raton. 

Where can we sign up!? Seriously! 

This looks so much fun and wait until you see all the junk they removed from her face!

It's insane! 

I need to do this ASAP, just to feel the satisfaction of all that junk being removed & not on my face anymore. Yesssssssss

Who doesn't want a little vacuum to suck out all the dirt and dead cells from their face!? Right!?!? 

Ok I'm ready to sign up!  

See ya there 😉  

Mack & Letty B


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