Guests Selling Gift Bags on eBay Days After Royal Wedding!

If you were one of the lucky guests who attended the royal wedding and received a gift bag would you ever sell it!?! 

We would NEVER! How dare you people! You hold on to that FOREVER! 

Some guests are selling theirs on eBay with bids already at $2,700 just days after their wedding, HOW RUDE! 

Now these bags were not given to the actual guests.

They were actually given to the 1,200 people that they invited to gather outside of the chapel to witness them tie the knot. 

Inside the bag guests found s a gold wrapped chocolate coin with the couple’s initials, a water bottle, shortbread, a magnet featuring the wedding date and the initials “H” and “M,” as well as a coupon to the royal store. 


We would keep this chocolate in the fridge until the end of time! LOL 


This a tweet from royal photographer, James Whatling below: 

Mack & Letty B


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