Teen Loses Most of his Calf During Horrific SHARK ATTACK in Florida!

Cody High, 15 years old from Texas was on vacation with his family in Cocoa Beach, Florida and on the day one of vacation he was attacked by a 6 foot long bull shark in knee deep waters. 

Thankfully the shark swan away and didn't attack anyone else. 

A Gofundme page was started to help Cody with his medical needs and rehab. 

'I was about knee-deep when he got me, and I was walking back. I didn't see him at all,' Cody told Fox 35 Orlando. 

'I saw blood everywhere, and I just knew something bad had happened. People were crying, my mom was probably by far one of the more petrified ones. She was screaming, ''Oh my god! What happened?''

Cody's doctor said there were simply too many stitches to count. 

We wish Cody a speedy recovery! 

Mack & Letty B


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