Shocking Video Shows Grandmother Letting 2 Grandchildren Out Of Dog Kennels

This story just makes our blood boil! 

Who in their right mind would do this & think it's ok?! 

A 62 year old grandmother, was arrested on two child endangerment charges. 

She was filmed by a concerned citizen in Memphis, Tennessee letting out her two grandchildren from DOG kennels. She drove around with them in the back for 35 minutes, the AC was off, windows were up and temperatures got up to 98 degrees. 

The kids, age 7 and 8 were questioned by police and say there wasn't enough room for them in the vehicle. As you can imagine a further investigation is currently underway. 

Neighbors of the grandmother expressed their shock saying: 

'She's a nice lady and we can't see her doing that' others mentioned she cares for two puppies and is a woman of strong faith. 

Mack & Letty B


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