Bazzi Performs Live at Fontainbleau Miami Beach!

Bazzi's tour has been selling out all over, but unfortunately he couldn't make Miami part of his tour sooooo we had to bring him down do a very special and intimate performance at the Fontainebleau for all his fans. 

It was a great day & if you ask us the only bad thing was that it went by way too fast 😢 

The weather held up & it was absolutely perfection! 

Mack and Nina had a chance to interview him, some lucky fans were able to meet him and then he took the stage for all of us to go nuts! 

Check out the amazing night below! 

Bazzi doing his thing.

He even took to the stage to perform '3:15' for the first time ever for fans. 

A few lucky fans got to meet Bazzi, how lucky were they?! 

Than you ALL for coming out! 😘

Thanks to Bazzi for our exclusive performance at Fontainebleau!! 

Mack & Letty B


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