Woman Hits An Employee At A 'Planet Fitness' & Wrecks The Place!

NSFW explicit language. 

All you need to know, is that this happened in Michigan at a Planet Fitness

So now, sit back and relax and enjoy the video.

Let it sink in and THEN read below what we wrote under the video. (NO cheating) 


So what do you think? Why could she so angry? 

Who can be that angry at a gym? We thought exercising made people happy right? 

Well, after a little of investigating we learned that she was yelling:  "I'm pregnant! It's your baby! I will kill you! I have brothers!"

Oh brotherrrrrr 😬

We couldn't hear any of that the first time we saw the video, but after learning about it we clearly could. 

And honestly we gotta give props to the guy for staying calm and collected as much as he could. 

We hope they can work things out and at least co-parent that baby. 

After that craziness, we need something funny to laugh at so here's a planet fitness fail compilation that will make you pee your pants! 😂

Mack & Letty B


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