Video Shows Female Jogger Fighting Off Convicted Rapist In Broad Daylight!

This shocking surveillance footage was captured on Sunday, June 16th around 7:35 AM from across the street. 

Broad daylight, cars driving in all directions, when Gordon Lyons sexually assaulted and tried to kidnap a 37 year old woman jogging down the street. 

Fortunately, the victim fought back and was able to break free! 

'It was kind of a moment of fear and this, 'I'm not going to let this happen. This is not how my story ends,'' she said.

The quick thinking women was even able to take a photo of the attacker's car as he sped away, which police used to find him. He crashed a short distance away and was arrested at the scene. 

This occurred in Bridgewater, Massachusetts and Lyons was charged with kidnapping, indecent assault and battery on a person age 14 or older. 

Lyons was convicted of rape in 1978. 

Mack & Letty B


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