Mom Who Suffered Miscarriage Spots 'Ghost Baby' In Crib

This mother of two from Toronto swears the spirit of a child she miscarried is haunting her home and who can blame her after you hear what's been happening. 

In September 2016, the mom suffered a miscarriage and ever since a number of spooky occurrences have happened in her home. 

For example, the exact night she lost her child, she claims a toy turned itself on and began playing music. 

Things did not stop there. The mom and her husband have heard knocks on their bedroom door and have seen closet doors being slammed. 

And then came the night of May 31, where she is now convinced here home in haunted by her unbron baby. 

In the clip below, the baby monitor captured the face of what seems a child while their daughter was trying to sleep.

From the mom: (real names were not released) 

"I thought I heard a noise on my daughter's monitor, so I clicked it on the camera feed and Christine noticed what appeared to be a baby peering into the crib through the bottom screen.

Leah was wriggling and burrowing her face into the corner of the cot - I ran upstairs to get her.

The same night the video was taken, I was responding to some of my friends' messages about it when the lamp cord on my bedside started to move - I've heard the same noise once before.

It almost looks like a doll through the screen, but we don't have any in our house - only stuffed animals.

A week before this happened, my husband and I were in the living room when we heard something drop into the empty kitchen sink.

It was the lid of our son's sippy cup and my husband had previously placed it about a foot away from the sink - it made a very loud noise like it had been thrown.

I was a sceptic for the longest time, but after witnessing what I have, I have no choice but to believe that my house has a ghost."


Mack & Letty B


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