Moment Driver Reverses Into 2 Men & Sends One Flying In Florida Parking Lot


So according to cops, the argument stated on the road in Ormond Beach before they entered the same Sunoco gas station and continued fighting. 

Over what? Who the hells know, but people relaxxxxxx

NOTHING, you hear us? NOTHING is worth going to jail for. 

So he cut you off, let him. He's obviously in a hurry. 

According to 

A police report explained: 'The video shows the male in the BMW acting in self defense and also identifies him as the victim in this incident.' 

Cops also said they believe the BMW was followed into the station by the other men. 

Speaking anonymously, the man who was hit by the BMW said the driver had cut him off and thrown things at his car.  

The two men could face burglary and battery charges, police said.' 



Now take a deep breath and relax! 


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