Woman Wants To Have The Biggest Butt In The World!

Natasha Crown from Sweden is hoping to be crowned the world's biggest butt. 

Currently, her booty measures 84 inches wide, but she wants it bigger guys. 😳 She wants to be 90 inches after her 4th surgery. 

However, doctors told her that in order for them to perform the surgery she has to gain another 56 pounds, so she's been eating pizza, hamburgers, waffles, pasta and nutella by the pound to pack on the fat that the surgery will redistribute to her booty.  


Would you put on weight just for surgery?! 

By the way, she can't sleep on her back, she can't run because of the weight of her booty and needs to book two seats on a plane. 

Natasha has over 140k fans on Instagram, you can follow her here.


Here she is defending her surgeries & bum. 

Mack & Letty B


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