Florida Teacher Fired For Giving Kids Zeroes When They Didn't Turn in Work

A 52 year old woman named, Diane Tirado has been a teacher for almost two decades.  

Well, this year she started working as an 8th grade teacher at a school in Port St. Lucie, Florida. 

 Looks like the school has a policy that says the lowest grade a teacher can give a student is 50%.  

WTF! 🤔 How does that work out? 

So yes! Even if a student does NOT turn their assignment in they still walk away with 50%! 

Diane says, quote, "If there's nothing to grade, how can I give somebody a 50%?"

When some of her students didn't turn in an assignment and she gave them zeroes she was fired. 

Even her students don't agree with the policy.  

One of them wrote on her Facebook post, quote, "You showed me to be responsible for my work and the things that I do."

And of course the school is standing by her firing. They put out a statement that said this was part of a pattern of her being, quote, "defiant" and she wasn't just fired over the grades. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Mack & Letty B


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