Here are 10 Good Buys at the Dollar Store!

Who doesn't LOVE a good dollar store?! Right?! 

You mean to tell me everything in there is $1???? 

Hell yea!!!! Let's get to shopping!!! 

Below are the 10 best deals you can find at a dollar store! 


1.  Spices:  Every time you buy them you say to yourself, 'I only need one teaspoon. Why I'm I wasting $3.50??' Well guess what, they are just a $1 at the Dollar Store and it taste just the same! 


2.  Hand sanitizer & Ibuprofen: seriously they work! 


3.  Party supplies/Decor:  From streamers, napkins, decorations and to anything else you'll just throw away after the party. STOP wasting money! 


4.  Flip flops:  If they only cost a buck or two, buy many more and have a pair at every door of your house. 


5.  Office/School supplies:  All pencils and crayons work the same, again STOP wasting money! 


6.  Greeting cards & gift bags:  Do any of you guys ever buy a gift for someone and then get mad that you have to waste another $4 on a card and then $5 on a gift bag and tissue paper?! 🙄

At the dollar store, you can get 2 cards for $1!!!! 


7.  Pregnancy tests: Yes, ladies they are only a $1 and they do actually work! 

I used them allllll the time when I was trying to get pregnant with Amelia and believe me they were accurate. 

-Nina 😉


8. Ballons: Do you know how annoying it is to spend $5 for literally air????

WHY???? When you can get 5 balloons for the price of one?!?! 


9. Juices/Popsicles: Are you in charge of snack next soccer practice for the whole team?? 

You got it girl, thanks to the dollar store! 


10. Cleaning supplies: done deal!!! Going home to clean!

Mack & Letty B


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