Claws: Ladies Beware Dip Powder Nails Could Be A Health Risk!

It seems like every time I visit my local nail salon they try to up-sell me with dip powder nails, which is suppose to be a better alternative to gel nails, which was once a better alternative to your standard manicure with polish (*insert confused face*).

Anyways, doctors are now saying that the dip powder nails which have been around since the 90's, but are back on trend, is a health risk if not applied properly.

First, your finger should never be dipped into the powder, because potentially a client before you could have had a nail infection or sickness in general. Doctors say that nail techs should apply the powder on your nails by sprinkling it. Sooo, maybe it should now be called sprinkle powder nails? Or just powder nails? Either way, health officials say you should bring your own powder jar to the nail salon to cut the risk of infection/sickness.

Are you still going to get powder nails?


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