Miley Cyrus' Marriage Life - Everything But Conventional!

Miley Cyrus is gracing the cover of Elle magazine as their August 2019 cover story. And as journalist's instinctively know how to do, they get all into her business. Miley shares that her marriage to Liam Hemsworth is something she wants to keep private because she doesn't believe that the world would be able to understand it - calling the relationship 'too modern'. She does share that she is a bisexual woman in a heterosexual relationship, but she chose him because she knows that he will always have her back. As you may remember, they have been off and on for about 10 years , and secretly wed last December.

She talks about her upcoming album, 'She Is Miley Cyrus', and shares how she feels the most powerful as she has ever felt. She also enjoys how being sexual makes her feel - and it's not for a man at all.

I think despite all the theatrics Miley puts on, I think this version of her is the most authentic - and I'm loving it!


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