Teen Mom News: Jenelle's New Pups and Amber's Legal Battle

It's been an interesting year or so for the MTV, Teen Mom franchise. Months ago, one of their well known cast member's Jenelle Evan's called the police after her husband killed her dog she had for years. This sparked more concern than usual, and eventually Jenelle's kids were taken from her. She now has custody of her children, but her fate on the MTV show is up in the air. Now, she and her husband have announced they have two new puppies, and fans of the show (like me) are giving them a major side-eye.

Moving on, the weekend of The Fourth of July, Amber Portwood was arrest for felony domestic violence. As we all know, she was arrested for the same thing back in 2010 with fer first baby daddy and co-star, Gary. This time, the victim is her boyfriend and baby-daddy number two, Andrew. According to some outlets, she threw a machete at a door he was standing behind while he was holding their baby. Andrew now wants full custody of their child and is prepared to go to court. Sources say if Amber is charged with felony domestic violence she will be kicked off the show.

Sad to say, I think this may be an end to the Teen Mom era in general. These girls have been on the show since teenagers and now they are women with a lot going on. I think they need to get out the public eye, and focus on what really matters - themselves and family!

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom


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