Meet Kylie Jenner's New Girl Gang

Some people say friend break-ups are way harder than breaking up with your significant other. But it looks like Kylie Jenner has bounced back ok in the friend category. On a recent trip to Turks & Caicos, she showed off her squad of girlfriends, and it was a few surprising women who are now BFFs with Kylie. Including Draya Michelle, the reality star turned mogul/model was apart of the jet-setting crew, which was a little weird because of their age difference. Yet, they may have more in common than you think - engaged, mothers, and entrepreneurs. A few other familiar faces in the group are, Sophia Richie, Yris Palmer,Stassi Karanikolaou,Tiffany Sorya and Victoria Villarroel.

But one insider says we shouldn't be too surprised because Kylie has always had a bunch of girlfriends, but usually chose Jordyn over a big group. Since Jordyn is no longer in her life, she's back hanging with her friends. This friend break-up is one I don't think any of us will get over soon.

Kylie Jenner & Friends


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