The Last Straw: Ft. Lauderdale's New Plastic Campaign

In cities all over the country plastic straws are being banned. This war on single-use plastic products has now taken effect in the City of Ft. Lauderdale. When you visit your local bar or restaurant you will either be given a paper straw or no straw at all. Plastic straws are being phased out, and by January 2020 they will be banned.

This is an effort to become more eco-friendly especially as it relates to the open water ways in our communities.More, and more often we are seeing sea animal's bellies filled with straws and other plastic items. People of the community are not upset about this new campaign against single-use plastic products - they feel that if they can help in any way they will. However, statistically speaking, plastic straws make up only 1% of the plastic found in the ocean.


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