Stay Alert: Black Bear and Coyote Sightings in South Florida

If you're a South Florida native, then you were taught from a young age on what to do in hurricanes/ tornadoes, what snakes are poisonous, and how to run from an alligator.

But as of lately, there have been more and more sightings of animals we rarely see during the day time - black bears and coyotes. While these animals are native to Florida, it's rare to see them in our backyards - especially when the sun is still out.

So, here's your guide on what to do if you have a rare encounter with these wild animals.

  1. Stay back.
  2. Do not try to entice the animal to come to you.
  3. Do not feed the animal - this is illegal in Florida!
  4. If you are not a safe distance away, then do not attempt to take pictures.
  5. While still facing the animal, walk away from it.
  6. Stay calm.
  7. Call your local animal services agency.


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