Wanna Be A Farmer? Hemp Is Legal To Grow in Florida! (Kinda)

If it looks like marijuana, smells like marijuana...maybe it's marijuana... or just HEMP!

As of July 1st, Hemp is now legal to grow in Florida if you have a special permit. Hemp has been used recently in CBD products which is a multi-million dollar industry. Now, Florida wants in on that money and is allowing hemp farms. The plan is to have every CBD product in Florida, to be made from Florida hemp farms. This may seem like a big task to take on, but if we get serious about the farming/business side of hemp, it could easily happen.

Right now, farmers in Homestead are planting different types of hemp seeds to see which grows best in our climate.

The thing I most like about CBD products, is their calming effects for those who suffer from anxiety or other mental health challenges. If we can give these patients an alternative to addictive medicine - we could change a lot!

As of now, the state is coming up with rules and regulations for growing hemp and could be done by the fall!


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