We Went To The Moon 50 Years Ago Today!

I'm no history buff, but that song from Even Stevens (talk about throwback) always reminds me of when we went to the moon!

" We went to the moon in 1969..." Does anyone remember that or no?

Anyways, today is the 50 Year Anniversary of going to the moon with Apollo 11. And honestly, I thought we would be so much further along in technology. When I was kid, my uncle said I would be driving a flying car by now.. what happened?

Well, either way, today is a very historic day - even if conspiracy theorists say we did not and on the moon. Kudos to those 300,000 people who worked for NASA and other companies to help us get there and especially to Neil Armstrong, Buzz Ardin,and Michael Collins for making history!

I'm excited to see what Elon Musk has planned for The Moon and outer-space now.



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