Our Childhood Is Back: See Tom Hanks As Mr.Rogers!

For most of us, Mr.Rogers was a significant man in our early childhood development.I remember learning so much from him, and even about him - those sweaters, the way he opened the mail, and how happy he was.

When he passed away in 2003, I think we all were a little heartbroken. Like Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington, he's one of those people you pictured on this side of Earth forever.

I don't remember when it was announced that a movie about Mr.Rogers was coming, but I'm glad its happening. I also, never pictured Tom Hanks playing Mr.Rogers, but after seeing the picture of him in character - I'm shocked and totally impressed!

Well, today Sony Pictures released the trailer for " A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood", which is inspired by Mr. Rogers and Lloyd Vogel , a journalist from Esquire who did a profile on him - and subsequently learned a lot from him too.

The movie hits theaters on November 22nd!



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