Be Prepared: Your Millennial Hurricane Survival Kit

After hearing yesterday that there was a tropical depression forming on the east coast of Florida, it really put it in perspective that hurricane season is here. At any moment, we could be under a hurricane watch or warning - and that's pretty scary. What's even scarier? Not being prepared.

So, I have put together all the essentials (and non-essentials) you need to survive a hurricane and boredom.

Millennial Hurricane Survival Kit:

Water (tons and tons of water bottles)

Cooler with ice

Vodka (for me) maybe another alcoholic beverage for you

Bread, peanut butter, and strawberry jelly - to make the finest PB&J's

Your favorite snacks - chips, cookies, whatever - you're definitely going to gain some hurricane weight.

Canned goods (even though I've never opened a canned good during a hurricane or after it)

Portable phone chargers


Scented candles - lavender scent to keep your anxiety down.


Journal - to write out all your feelings

First aid kit (just in case)

and the most important things, a GENERATOR and GASOLINE to keep it going - I need AC!


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