Slip & Slide: Great Water Parks In South Florida

You don't have to travel to Orlando to experience the fun and thrills of a good water park. There are quite a few water parks located right down here in South Florida.

Rapids Water Park - Located in West Palm Beach. If you live in Miami, this may be a little bit of a drive - but if you have some friends and good music you'll be okay. This water park offers VIP sections ( so South Florida) that come with your own private cabana and waitress.

Castaway Island Water Park - This water park is located in Hollywood. It features a couple of playgrounds for kids to run around in. They have a beautiful waterfall and big buckets that'll dump water on you. You'll definitely stay cool in this summer heat.

McDonald Water Park - It's a beautiful water park in Miami. It features the only wave pool in the area, which is great for those days you just want to sit back,relax,and float around at your own pace.

Paradise Cove Water Park - I've lived in Pembroke Pines/Miramar for almost two years and had no clue that this water park existed until I did some research. It's located in C.B Smith Park, which is directly across from the Pembroke Lakes Mall. There's a lazy river, playground, basketball courts, and a fishing area all located in one place.

Bucky Dent Water Park - Located in Hialeah, it's home to the 30-foot water slide.


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