Teen Mom Update: Did Andrew Cheat on Amber Portwood?

Earlier this month, Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood was arrested for alleged domestic violence. Her victim was her boyfriend Andrew Glennon, who she shares a son and home with. Since then, we've read bits and pieces of what happened that night. Allegedly, Amber hit him with a shoe, threatened to kill herself, and then wielded a knife at the door while he was holding their child and hiding in a bathroom. After she was arrested, Andrew went to court to seek a no-contact order and full-custody of their son.

Yesterday, Radar Online posted a story that Andrew has been allegedly texting another woman since the altercation with Amber. The gossip site's source claims at first Andrew was venting to the woman and then he became flirty - even asking for pictures! The woman sent him a fully-dressed picture of herself. He then asked the mystery woman to come visit him in Indiana, but she declined.

If true, the story would make sense because last week Amber posted and then deleted on her Instagram story "Cheating is a choice."

However, after Radar Online posted their story yesterday, Amber went back to Instagram and posted a picture of a heart breaking. The caption said,"I am so heartbroken right now...omg?" Her Teen Mom co-stars; Caitlynn and Kailyn sent her sweet comments of support.


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