My July Amazon Must Haves!

If I'm not spending my coins at Target or CVS, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm online ballin' at At one point, I was receiving so many brown boxes I had to cancel my membership to maintain some type of sanity. But for now, I've been doing pretty well on my and want to share my Amazon must haves for July!

  1. 3-Pack of 10ft Iphone Chargers - I am such a 'what if' I have to keep a back-up to pretty much everything I own. A couple of weeks my 10 ft iPhone charger stopped working, and all I had available was a tiny 3 ft. And trust me, it was such a BIG difference and a hindrance on my life, because my outlet is far from my bed. This 3-pack is perfect in make and price - it's only $14!
  2. Rose Hip Oil - I honestly just started using natural products on my skin and face. This oil is a total game changer. It helps with fading marks you probably made from picking your acne scars when you weren't suppose to (don't worry I do it too). Don't expect overnight results, but this oil hydrates and works within 4-6 weeks.
  3. Waist Trimmer - This summer I've been pretty focused on losing weight and leading a healthy life for myself. I've lost a little over 10 pounds. I do a lot of cardio and ab work. This waist trainer has helped me significantly. And as I always like to say, women don't sweat - we glisten! So you'll see a lot of glistening on your waist trimmer when you're done..hahaha


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