Pottery Barn: Decorate Your Home with 'FRIENDS'

We love a good flashback to the 90's, which was probably a better time for many of us (no responsibilities). Well, Pottery Barn is now allowing you to go back in time with your favorite television show, 'Friends'. For a limited time, you can purchase 'Friends' inspired collection for your home or apartment.

The show that was based on a group of friends finding their way in New York City relates to many of us who are only getting through life because of the people we keep around us.

So, if you're an early Christmas shopper like I am, grab some of the collection for one of your friends/family who is a fan of the show. You can choose from throw pillows, to the table they had on set, a door mat, and even hand towels!

The collection is super cute and is only available online.


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