BAM Margera Pleads For Dr.Phil To Help Him

I definitely remember watching JackA** and Viva La Bam, religiously as a kid. Bam Margera, his family, and friends were so funny and were down to do just about anything for shock-value.

Fast forward almost 20 years later, it seems as though Bam Margera is having a public breakdown. Can we blame him though? Since his rise to fame from professional skateboarder to crazy reality star, a lot has happened. He has lost a couple of friends from overdoses, battled with drugs, and his family has been ripped apart.

Last night, he took to Instagram pleading for Dr.Phil to help him and his family. He says that he has disowned his Mom and can't stand his wife. This comes after he posted on Instagram calling his wife and mother out earlier this weekend. He even posted a video of him getting kicked off a Southwest flight for being too drunk.

His friends like Steve-O and Chris Pontius have been responding to his posts telling him to join them in sobriety and they're only trying to help.

At this point, he needs an intervention and Dr.Phil may be his last resort.


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