5 Things We Learned In Vogue About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the cover-girl for Vogue's September issues, where she opens up with coming to terms with so many things in her life. She also teases two unreleased songs.

  1. She has a thing for symbols. Compared to her die-hard fans, I might be a little tardy to the party on this. It was interesting to find out, that when you see anything from Taylor, you should look for symbols everywhere. She says everything has a meaning.
  2. She talks about the big Kim Kardashian fiasco with the Kanye "Famous" song and people trying to cancel her. She doesn't think people understand how severe a situation their words and tweets caused.
  3. Lover will be 18 songs. She says when she started writing she couldn't stop.It might be her favorite album yet.
  4. The reconciling with Katy Perry was very real and not a PR stunt. Katie sent Taylor a literal olive branch last year, and they talked through their issues. Katy being in the music video was a big 'F You' to the media and pitting women together.
  5. A song with DRAKE is on the album..so, I'll definitely be listening.

It seems as this point in Taylor Swift's life that she is really at peace with everything - the humiliation, heartbreak, and enemies.

You can read the full article here.


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