Sugar Rush: Lucky Charms Selling Bags of Marshmallows Only

If you know anything about me, you know that I love anything sweet. Growing up, my favorite cereal was Lucky Charms and that was for one reason only - the marshmallows. I would literally fish for marshmallows in my cereal bowl and let the actual cereal go soggy. When my Mom wasn't looking I would sneak into the big Lucky Charms box and pick out the marshmallows. I think my Mom caught on to me and we didn't get Lucky Charms for a long time after that.(lol)

Anyways, Lucky Charms has now decided after decades that they will make a marshmallow only bag. For just $2 I can go back to my childhood days and not have to sneak around.

You can find the Lucky Charms marshmallows only bags on shelves nationwide starting in September.


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