Priyanka Gets Into Heated Exchange at BeautyCon

BeautyCon, an event for make-up lovers everywhere happened over the weekend. It was filled with panel discussions from influencers, models, make-up owners, and celebrities.Actress and wife to Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra was invited to the event and was apart of a panel discussion.

During the Q&A part of the panel discussion things went left. A Pakistani woman mentioned a comment made on Twitter from Priyanka back in February that said, "Jai Hind" - which translates to 'Hail India". The woman said it was insensitive to tweet at the time because India was planning to nuke Pakistan. While security took the microphone away from the woman, Priyanka asked her if she was "done venting" and added she's not fond of war, but is patriotic.

The heated exchange has since gone viral on Twitter. The woman who has been identified as Ayesha Malik on Twitter has spoke out. Malik tweeted it was hard listening to Priyanka talk and she was super dismissive.



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