Princess Diana Musical Heads To Broadway

The night Princess Diana died, I remembered I couldn't sleep so I was up watching the news with my Mom. At the time, I don't think I understood the importance of her death and the impact she had on the world. As an adult, I now understand why she was such a big deal - not only was she beautiful, but she was different from the royals and loved helping people.

Now, decades after her death, Joe Dipetrio and David Bryan have written a full musical production about her late life. The world-premiere just wrapped at California's La Jolla Playhouse. It will head to New York's Longacre Theater for private previews on March 2,2020 and open to the public on March 31.

The musical will explore her marriage to Prince Charles, his affair, and their separation.

My only question is how do her children feel about this.


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