Amber Rose Has Cancelled Annual 'SlutWalk'

Every year, thousands of women and men would show up to downtown Los Angeles to attend Amber Rose's annual SlutWalk. The purpose of the festival and walk, was to end victim-blaming, rape culture, and to empower women.

Now, Amber Rose who is expecting a child with her boyfriend, Alexander Beau, has decided to cancel the event because she only wants to be surrounded by positive people and things.

In a long Instagram post she goes on to say that in the last year she has lost over 20 friends because they were messing with her ex-boyfriends, stealing from her, lying on her, and even calling Child Protective Services on her. While she didn't name names, some people believe that one of the friend's she's talking about is Blac Chyna - her former bestie.

In an effort to keep her peace and sanity, she's staying low and only wants to be around good people.



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