Bringin' The Flavor: Coca-Cola's New Seasonal Drinks

I can honestly say the only time I drink soda is when I'm using it as a chaser for my alcohol.

Now, Coca-Cola has announced a couple of new flavors coming our way, with their legendary Coke and Sprite drinks. On September 30th until about the end of the year, you can try Cinnamon Coca-Cola and Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite. These cool and crisp flavors will obviously mix well with your favorite alcohol. I'm sure both flavors will fly off the shelves immediately. Even the designs on the cans will put you in the holiday spirit.

Which soda are you more likely to try? I'm thinking the Cinnamon Coca-Cola mixed with Fireball, or the Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite with Rum or Vodka.


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