The Best Bottled Water Was Named At the 2019 World Water Championships

Well, it seems as though if people aren't arguing about chicken sandwiches (Popeye's for the win..btw), then they are arguing about which bottled water tastes better. Now, the debate has been settled by the 2019 World Water Championships, a rating portfolio by the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI).This is the first time in BTI's forty-year history they've rated water, it's usually just soda, beer, and spirits.

Here's what they found:

Club Soda - Schweppes beat Canada Dry

Still Spring Water - Evian beat Mountain Valley

Purified Water - Simply Balanced beat out Essentia, Smartwater, and Dasani.

Sparkling Water - Perrier took home the win!

Flavored Sparkling Water - La Croix Passionfruit


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